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The Best for Last! The Caboose.

The depot is proud to be the owner of two cabooses on property. A yellow, wood sheathed cupola caboose from the steam era, and a bay window steel caboose from the transitional/diesel era. See below for pictures and click to read the history of each of our cabooses!

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MKT #835

Wood Sheathed - Offset Cupola Caboose

Built from an old boxcar frame at the MKT shops in Denison, Texas, the 835 was in the last class of wood cabooses built by the "KATY". This caboose is the newest caboose acquisition coming to the site in 2014.

MKT #69X

Bay Window - Steel Caboose

Bought from the city of Giddings, TX and brought to the depot site in 2006. 69X was the first acquisition of the two cabooses on site.


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