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MKT Wood Caboose - 835

Caboose 835 was apart of the last series of wood sheathed cabooses built for the "KATY". Using old boxcar frames the new cabooses were numbered 821-907 and were built in the railroads shops in Denison, Texas. Built between 1937 and 1943, the caboose class lasted a hearty few decades until the mid 1960's with 835 being retired as surplus equipment in 1964.

After passing through several private hands, an area MKT and then UP engineer acquired it and moved it to his Smithville, TX based bed and breakfast: The Katy House. It was in 2014 that Bruce graciously donated the caboose to our museum and it is actively been under refurbishment as time permits. 

With the exterior being repainted by Bob Corbin, the interior needs some work but most of the original interior furnishings are present except two benches and a conductors desk, all of which are planned to be rebuilt in the future. Two sides have also been replaced with the other two sides having plans for replacement as well. When complete to the original configuration it will house exhibits that help give a picture of how life was on the caboose.

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