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Here at the La Grange MKT Railroad Depot Museum, we take pride in keeping history alive. We always are looking for ways to improve the depot and assessing its needs. By doing that, we are able to have multiple projects going on throughout the year. In 2015, the roof of the depot was in dire need of repair. A new roof was put on to keep the depot in tip top shape. Last year, in 2022, for the 125th Anniversary of the depot, it got a new coat of paint in the official Katy colors! We have many more projects planned for updates to the depot. With the support of our visitors and citizens in our community through donations, we are able to keep this depot the way history should be kept!


Depot Repainting

Completed (2022)

In May of 2022, the Friends of the La Grange Railroad Depot were the recipients of a grant from the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) and The City of La Grange in the amount of $12,000 to repaint the exterior of the depot in the original Katy colors! Thanks to them, the year of the depot's 125th Anniversary, it was able to be cleaned up, caulked, and repainted to make it last even longer! Thanks to a local team of painters they knocked out that job in a few weekends time! 

Caboose Sheathing Restoration

On-Going (2023 Completion)

In August of 2023, the Friends of the La Grange Railroad Depot group were the proud recipients of a $15,000 grant from Second Chance Emporium of La Grange, TX. to restore our yellow, wood sheathed, caboose, MKT 835. With the funds from Second Chance and the great work of a local contractor and his crew, the caboose is going to be in the best shape it has been in since it was on the main line! We are thankful for Second Chance's generous donation for this to keep it looking great!


Semaphore Project


The Semaphore at the depot that stands trackside was a signal that the Depot Agent could move to tell the incoming train what they needed to do as far as speed or stopping for messages. The semaphore was taken down for repairs several years ago and reinstalled. However, thanks to the wonderful Texas weather, it has been in dire need of repair again. This is a project that is nearing completion. The "arms" of the semaphore have been replaced with Cypress wood to extend their life in the Texas weather, and repainted to match the early ones that were used. The linkage at the bottom that ran through the depot wall, to the desk where the station agent sat, will be reinstalled for visitors to move the levers to see what the semaphore did back in the day. Now the rail line outside the depot doesn't operate by signals, therefore the passing trains just think it is a nice addition to the history of the depot!

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